Our Vision

To create a strong alumnae network for our organization by continuing to foster sisterly bonds after graduation. Through this network we will promote education, professionalism, leadership, and be able to add more value to our undergraduate and alumnae sisters’ Sigma experience.

Bridge the gap between Undergraduates and Alumnae Sigma experience

  • Social events: Happy Hours, dinners, recreational activities, family friendly events.
  • Community Service: volunteering, charity walks, fundraising.

Professional development and networking

  • Higher Education advice/information
  • Career guidance/mentorship
  • Job opportunities
  • Resume building

Features and Benefits

Sigma Alumnae website featuring:

  • Online Directory of all Sisters
  • Higher Education Information
  • Job Postings
  • Housing
  • Social and Community Service Events
  • Online Marketplace
  • Other announcements (forum)
  • Webinars – Career Panels

Benefits for Undergraduate Seniors:

  • Career Guidance
  • Resume building
  • Networking with Undergrads and Alumnae
  • Continued Education

Mentor Program

  • Undergrad seniors and newly graduated sisters can have a mentor/mentee relationship with experienced Alums
  • Guidance during the post graduation/real world transition and insights on graduate school and/or job search/career planning.

Sigma Scholarships/Fundraising/Comm. Serv. Events

Semi-annual newsletter

Benefits for Alumnae:

  • Connectivity with Sigma post-graduation
  • Networking
  • Continued Education
  • Life event celebrations and support


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