Join Sigma Psi Zeta

Joining Sigma Psi Zeta

Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. is established at 26 universities and colleges. Please visit our Locations page for a comprehensive list. Rush schedules will be posted by each individual chapter or charter.

If you are interested in establishing a charter of Sigma Psi Zeta at your school, please visit our Expansion page for more information or reach out to our Expansion Directors for more details.


The official Sigma Psi Zeta recruitment philosophy is defined as the following: "Not who you are, not who you were, but who you want to be."  

Above all, we believe in the potential of our current and prospective members. We believe the women of this organization can and will achieve great things. They will contribute to their chapters and charters at a local and national level, to their local universities and communities, and to everyone they come to know. 

We believe our sisterhood does not require any woman to fit into a mold. Rather, we recognize our differences are what enhance and enrich our sisterhood. We do not seek the "perfect sister" as we cannot and have not tried to define her. Our sisters define themselves through their personal stories and the ways their unique contributions elevate our sorority. Our organization celebrates the individuality of thought in all the women who wear our letters. 

Membership Requirements

To become a member of Sigma Psi Zeta at a new or established charter/chapter, one must abide the following: 


  1. Each woman must be able to demonstrate leadership and dedication to members of her interest group and to members of Sigma Psi Zeta.
  2. Each woman must be able to uphold the beliefs of the sorority to the best of her ability.


  1. Each woman must be committed to attend the required rush events, whether held at her respective school or elsewhere, to complete the rush process.
  2. Each woman must attend a General Interest Meeting.


  1. Each woman must be an undergraduate student enrolled in the university or college.
  2. Each woman cannot hold membership to any other social Greek organization. Professional and academic organizations are acceptable. 

For more information, please email