Convention - Sigma Games

The Sigma Games



We are excited to see you this weekend in Atlanta, GA to continue your training as a syzter in the United Republic of Sigma Psi Zeta. We are bringing back the fun and excitement of the Sigma Games this year! 

Throughout the weekend we will be having workshops, events, and activities that will allow for you and your nation to gain points in various ways. This includes ALL who are attending convention (Actives, Alumnae, Neos). We will specify specific point values and events during convention to keep it all as an unexpected surprise! 

The victorious nation will be awarded at the Banquet on Sunday.

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Hashtags for Points

Do it for your nation!  You can begin gaining points on Friday 5/25 for your nations by using the official Hashtags.  

#syzfirenation #syzwatertribe #syzearthkingdom #syzairnomads

1. Once you begin your travels to to the Kingdom of Atlanta, begin using the specific hashtags to earn your nation the points it deserves! 
2. You must also tag #syzconvention18 along with the hashtag of your nation. 
3. You must post these on either Instagram or Twitter; if you use twitter please go ahead and @SigmaPsiZeta and if you use Instagram story please be aware that it is risky, since we may not be able to see it before it expires on the story. 

*Multiple hashtags will not be allowed to gain more points on one post.
*Points for hashtags will stop being calculated after 12:30PM EST on Sunday 5/27



You should have received an email from your bending master. Don't know which benders are your people? Ask us!