Our Organization

Our Organization

We uphold the motto: "Lead from the Front."

Our members are recognized not only as leaders, but as women who are willing to be the first. Sigma sisters are strong and independent women who are willing to be on the cutting edge of innovation and change in Greek life. The goal of our organization is to provide a means for young women, particularly women of color, to grow and develop well-rounded skills and ambitions for life after college.


Sigma Psi Zeta was formally established at the University at Albany, State University of New York on March 23, 1994. 

Our founders observed that of the existing Greek Letter organizations already established at the university, none were able to provide the kind of community they sought. No existing organization could nurture the bonds of sisterhood beyond the collegiate experience while focusing on the unique needs of a newly emerging multicultural population. Our founders set out to meet the needs of this demographic by creating a new sisterhood. 

Sigma Psi Zeta has since grown to embody the beliefs of our Founding Mothers. We have become a sorority that celebrates the foundational things we have in common as well as our unique cultural backgrounds and individual experiences. The activities in which we participate increase our awareness of the multitude of cultures that have contributed to our history. Our philanthropic activities increase our understanding of the timeless struggles faced by women of color everywhere. We continue to pursue the end of violence against women in all of its forms - particularly within communities of color. 

Our Founding Mothers established an organization encompassing the strength of multicultural women thriving in a world with difficult odds. Since then, the sisterhood has grown exponentially, developing leaders who have pledged to continue to uphold the fundamental tenets of the sorority.